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I love my treatment from Sacred Valley. Kerry has a great approach to treating symptoms and ailments, listening to what is working and targeting the points necessary for results. I have always felt at ease in the environment and leave feeling relaxed, balanced and better than before. There are quite a few choices for acupuncture in the Land 'o Sky, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with SVA. The experience has been profoundly positive!

Ashley February 16, 2017

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Kerry is wonderful. I originally saw her as part of a groupon deal and decided to continue because I noticed a positive change in myself after that first visit. I've been seeing her for five months and my life has improved dramatically because of the treatments she provides. Kerry gets to know some history before she begins placing the needles so they can do the most help. At the beginning of each session, she checks in to see what has changed and what hasn't, and if something is working or if it isn't. She also has a vast knowledge of Eastern medicine and has turned me on to a few that have helped my life immensely. The medicines I now take have had only positive side-effects because of Kerry's expertise. I highly recommend seeing Kerry to not only receive acupuncture to relieve aches, pains, and other disruptions within the body, but to acquire a healthier and happier way of life with her guidance in Eastern medicine. My body and mind are significantly better because of that groupon!

Rose DuMont October 28, 2016

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Kerry is a thorough and skilled acupuncturist.  She has assisted me with pain and stress management in ways that other healthcare practitioners could not address.  I would recommend her.

Jeremy Katz October 28, 2016

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I highly recommend working with Kerry for acupuncture, Chinese Medical Massage and all things to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kerry is knowledgable, thorough, attentive to detail and genuinely caring about the wellbeing of her patients. She pays attention to the slightest changes in your body, and keeps detailed notes to always improve upon her treatment in between sessions.  Her manner is professional, gentle and kind: you really feel that you are under her "care".

Irene Escardo Portland, OR October 28, 2016

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Before my session with Sacred Valley Acupuncture I felt swept up in the goings on of everyday life, and a bit too stuck in my normal routines and realities to get a new perspective on my healing... After my session I felt humbled by the huge mystery of creation and by all that I don't know- and I'm so glad I don't have to know it all, and that I chose to surrender and receive from her Acupuncture, her wisdom, and her connection to the ancient traditions that allowed her to confidently open a portal to a place, a current, a frequency that provided such mega healing for me. - Sarah Southerland

October 7, 2016

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When I first sought out Sacred Valley Acupuncture's services, I was 30 weeks pregnant and looking for a way to support myself and my baby for the remaining duration of my pregnancy. My experience with

acupuncture was minimal, having received it no more than a couple times in the past for anxiety.  Her warm and nurturing presence put my soul at ease. I immediately felt at home. Her treatment room became a familiar sanctuary; a weekly retreat where I could rest and deeply connect with the new life growing inside me.

She does more than just acupuncture. She holds a sacred space as a receptive listener and a mindful communicator, which allowed me to open up and dig deeper into my own subconscious. After just a few consecutive treatment sessions, I felt a transformation not only physically, but also on a deep soul level. There is no doubt she helped prepare my mind, body and soul for the transition into motherhood. I will be forever grateful for her skilled services and support throughout that special time in my life.
--Julie Claus

October 7, 2016

Receiving acupuncture treatments from Sacred Valley Acupuncture was the best part of my pregnancy and my transition into being a new Mother.  Her talents reach far beyond her expertise as a Chinese Medicine practitioner; her warmth and compassion create an environment for optimum healing and transformation.  She walked with me through my journey of pregnancy, a traumatic birth, and postpartum healing; she did so with keen awareness and deep love that shaped my experiences into something positive and transformative. From pregnancy induced heartburn to navigating the psychological impact of an emergency c-section and sleep deprivation, she used her vast knowledge and powerful, compassionate healing abilities to help me reach a level of wellness that would have been unattainable without her by my side. I cannot say enough about the impact my experience with her has had on my life; I feel truly blessed to have walked with her on my journey and I would urge anyone to begin their journey of healing with Sacred Valley Acupuncture

June 4, 2016

I am so happy my path crossed with Sacred Valley Acupuncture!  She has been so incredible in helping me get more sleep throughout my pregnancy.  She listens, provides insightful advice and tips I can use throughout my pregnancy to help get through the tougher times. I highly recommend seeing her during your pregnancy to help with any ailments you may have.

Pauline Moleski

May 25, 2016

I HIGHLY recommend getting acupuncture from Sacred Valley Acupuncture. I've had lots of acupuncture from lots of folks, and yet I had a profound energy experience on her table. Her office space is SUPER warm and cozy and her healing presence is strong and she has a creative artistry to her treatments that I really enjoyed receiving.


Emilia Tuerack February 18, 2016

In my sessions at Sacred Valley Acupuncture I always left feeling more relaxed and tuned into my own body. I enjoyed their intuitive approach which included looking at the emotional and spiritual layers of healing. I am impressed with their ability to listen to my needs and requests,  while simultaneously nudging me in my stubborn areas. As a healer I admire that they walk the talk, and that they are deeply devoted to their own health, service to one another, community, studies, and spiritual path. I would recommend Sacred Valley Acupuncture to anyone!

Sage Sansone


February 2, 2016

I am almost seven months pregnant and I owe this to Sacred Valley Acupuncture. Before and after IVF fertility treatments I was referred to Sacred Valley Acupuncture. I feel so lucky our paths connected and have the memory of a stressful time become unstressful due to the loving reassurance I received. The calm. patient, kind, and professional demeanor was so comforting for me during a very important time in my life. The environment of the treatment rooms is pure love and zen. What struck me most about Sacred Valley Acupuncture was the genuine and pure spirit it radiates. I knew they were administering the best acupuncture treatments I needed for the medical IVF procedures. I highly recommend Sacred Valley Acupncture for any ailments or issues one is experiencing. They are so knowledgable and experienced. Lovingly, Blue

February 2, 2016

Praise for acupuncture and double that praise for the acupuncturist! My own treatments with her felt very restorative. My sleep deepened, my mouth ulcers ceased, and my grief and depression improved.  Sacred Valley Acupuncture offers knowledgeable, compassionate care with a healing presence.

Nuria Anne Chaparro Asheville, NC January 9, 2015

Sacred Valley Acupuncture treatments embody what I believe healthcare providers should encompass. Their way is graceful, respectful, and kind with a passion for getting to and healing root causes. They listen closely, hearing the call to action with the fullest presence, and go into service with immediate and effective results. Their knowledge has scholarly depth and refined layers of multiple modalities, allowing a fluid, balanced and full treatment to occur. -Liz Cox

Liz Cox Asheville, NC December 9, 2014