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Self Care is Not Selfish

Self Care is Not Selfish.

Though it’s often one of the first things that is cast aside, self care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves each and every day. Do you find yourself left with just a tiny whisper of energy after a day of seeing that the needs of everyone around you are met? Kids, work, partners, family, friends, bosses, co-workers, customers, clients…. We naturally want to do a good job of taking care of it all. But our bodies, our minds and our spirits can be quickly depleted and become overly sensitive if we don’t take care of ourselves as well.

So often women feel selfish if we make the time to take an evening off to treat ourselves, whether it’s for a nap, getting taken out for dinner, or choosing to take a bath instead of laboring in the kitchen to get a home cooked meal on the table every night.  Let me tell you… THIS IS NOT SELFISH; IT’S NECESSARY!  We have made great strides in this area over the last many decades but we have a long way to go still. We must change our thinking and take time to nourish ourselves.  How can we expect to give 100% of our focus to other areas of life when we are only operating at 50%.  Now I’m not great at math, but I’m certain that doesn’t add up.

As we head into the fall season, please show yourself some love!  Sleep in, take time to meditate in the morning or make yourself breakfast in bed (it’s ok, you can make it and get back in bed, no one will tell), take a day of that saved up PTO, go running during your lunch break, get the fancy coffee, treat yourself to a massage or acupuncture, take yourself out to a movie, or curl up with a new book.  What is your favorite thing to do to make you feel more than just a little indulged? Do the things that will allow you the energy to be present for the special people in your life so that your body, mind, and soul stay nourished this year!

Now Go Treat Yourself!


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