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Let’s Get Personal

DSC_0241In my blog posts I rarely post many personal details about my health and healing journey but that’s about to change today! Like many practitioners in the wellness industry I discovered my love of acupuncture and Chinese medicine while upon my own path toward health and wholeness in my own body. I wasn’t finding any answers from Western medicine to the issues I was experiencing and became completely frustrated that no one could help me. I spent what felt like an endless amount of time, not to mention money, and ended up no further ahead than when I’d started. Finally, as I walked out of a gastroenterologist’s office I decided I was going to get to the root of my problem myself. And so began my long and winding journey to heal my body.

As I explored various alternatives, I learned what it is that makes me love Chinese medicine so much; it is rooted in prevention. At its very core the emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy balance in our bodies. It’s undeniable that the pendulum will always swing, no matter how healthy we are, but we have the power to decrease the degree to which it will swing in each direction. This brings our bodies into balance and ultimately we arrive at our healthiest space. While I won’t go into great detail regarding what has ailed me most of my life, I want to share with you that I have come so very far. It hasn’t been easy; no one’s journey to heal their body ever is. But my pendulum swings far less than it used to. Chinese and alternative medicine have provided me with the essential tools to use when things begin to feel out of whack.

Last summer, when my husband and I decided to move to North Carolina, I had been in a constant state of stress which continued as we set off on our cross-country journey. This left me depleted upon arriving and I was suffering from things my body had never experienced before, including insomnia, severe shoulder pain and undiagnosed skin conditions. While these are still things I am working on nine months later, I am confident in my body’s innate ability to heal itself from within. It’s times like these I am reminded just how important each person’s self care regimen is: regular acupuncture treatments, ample rest, adequate sleep, daily exercise and healthy eating. All these will help round things out and leave a person in a much more grounded space – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Each person’s path varies and for some it may take years to achieve complete healing. Believe me, I am still on my path of correcting long running digestive problems, balancing my hormones and menstrual cycle, calming my mind to reduce stress and create mindfulness around me. Let me encourage you to not give up. As for me, I will stick to my self care regimen of getting regular acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs and Western herbal supplements, diligent daily exercise, avoiding caffeine and making the necessary lifestyle and dietary adjustments I know are for my best. Our bodies are like gardens, and we are the gardeners who provide consistent weeding, pruning, and attention to continue to thrive!

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